From all the Knight Rider verse shenanigans with mgnemesi came this AU of an AU in which Tim is a Pontiac and an android. Also, some descriptions of the android are Miss Neme’s words, taken from this post. The android was supposed to be sex-on-legs, but somewhere along the way, it just became make-Tim-cry-in-the-basement.

Title: Android

Pairing: Jason/Tim

Verse: Neme's Knight Rider AU / Android!Tim AU

Rating: PG13

Summary: The android is smooth and controlled; dark-skinned and powerful; graceful and beautiful. Everything Tim isn’t.


Tim sees through the android’s eyes the same way he’d seen through the Pontiac, but this isn’t a car. It’s a god with nerves of ice and a sleek, lean body. It purrs and vibrates like an engine but feels like a human. It’s a machine, shaped like a person, but its eyes glow blue (and sometimes, red).

Tim’s own are just a washed-out sky color that looks grey, looks clear, compared to the android’s, framed by thick black lashes and set like jewels on a perfectly crafted face.

Simply put, the android is everything Tim isn’t. Smooth. Controlled. Dark-skinned and powerful. Graceful. Beautiful.

When he sees the way Jason looks at the android, sees through its eyes, how Jason’s change and want and need, Tim realizes - he’ll never leave his underground room. Why would he? When there is a much more capable version of himself walking among his family, standing beside Jason. A version not weakened by insecurities and doubts, fears and uncertainties.

Tim will never leave his self-imposed prison. He’ll never get to tell Jason, in his own voice, “I’m here” or “I’ll keep you safe”. Even though he’s the one who’s always here. He’s the one who always keeps Jason safe. Watches over him while he sleeps. Listens to his innermost secrets. Waits silently when the only way Jason knows how to feel better is to break things. Tim is always right here - not the car or the android. It’s Tim, human, flesh, blood and bone Tim.

Hatred - and guilt - begin to fester within Tim, curling deep down in his gut. For everything he isn’t. For everything he is.

Jason speaks, reaching out to him (the android) hesitantly, and he has to answer.

"Tim, is that you?"

He wants to say no because this android isn’t him. It has his voice, but even that isn’t completely him. He wants to say no, scream, that right beneath Jason’s feet, he’s waiting. To be found, to be broken free, to be held, to be loved. But Jason’s not supposed to know. About anything.

Jason takes a step closer. “Tim?”

And Tim lets a little of himself break, because Jason is so, so beautiful. So perfect. The android is a good match. They make a good pair. Tim chokes down tears before flicking the comm on.

"Tim? You there?"

"Yes. Jason, I’m here."

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